Editorial activity

Date of registration of bulletin "Handbook financial worker" in the Uzbek Agency for Press and Information: September 15, 2011 ID number 0809.

Goals and objectives of the editorial board: Publication of systematized in chronological and thematic order of legislative and other normative acts in the sphere of public finance, the treasury execution of the State Budget and Accounting in budgetary organizations, including financial institutions;

       Publication of regulatory and legislative documents related to the licensing rules and conduct activities of professional participants of the securities market, insurance, leasing, auditing services, tax consulting;

Editorial council:

Full name Job title
1 Guskova Tatyana Nikolaevna Firs deputy Minister of Finance
2 Ashrafxonov Bahrom Bahodirovich Head of Treasury – Deputy Ministry of Finance
3 Qo‘chqorov Jamshid Anvarovich Deputy Minister of Finance
4 Mirzaev Mubin Muxidinovich Deputy Minister of Finance
5 Ostrogojskaya Ella Ilenichna Chief of the main Department of the State budget
6 Shorahmetov Shaxrux Shaturgunovich Chief of the main Department of the social sphere and science financing
7 Golisheva Irina Xristosovna Chief of Management of the Tax Policy
8 Haydarov Sharofiddin Umarovich Chief of  Management of methodology accounting and audit
9 Rizaev Jamshid Xamidullaevich Chief of the State Inspectorate forInsurance Supervision of the Ministry of Finance
10 Nurmatov Botir Erkinovich Director of the Training Centre of the Ministry of Finance


Editorial board

Editor in chief: Botir Nurmatov

Doctor of Economics, Professor: Abdugofur Ibragimov

Doctor of Economics, Professor: Nematilla Karimov

Doctor of Economics: Dildora Karimova

Doctor of Economics, Professor: Nargiza Kuzieva

Doctor of Economics, Professor: Shuhrat Tashmatov

Doctor of Economics, Professor: Nizomiddin Khaydarov

Doctor of Economics, Professor: Rustam Khasanov

Head of Department of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan: Ismonbek Mamadjanov

Responsible-editor: Nargiza Safarova

Artist-designer: Gulchekhra Shaabdurakhimova

Technical editor: Rakhmon Akhmedov

Editors:  Gulnora Islamova,  Nargiza Khatamova

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