Scientific activity

Research activity
Within the framework of the assigned tasks to implement of research works in the field of public finance management and treasury execution of the State budget specified in the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №54 "On establishment of Training Centre for training, retraining of employees of financial bodies and financial and accounting departments of public institutions under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan". Training Center carries out research activities.


Main tasks:
- implementation of scientific research work in the area of public finance management and treasury execution of the State Budget;
- preparation and distribution of textbooks, teaching aids and scientific and methodological developments for the treasury execution of the State budget and public financial management;
- attraction to the educational process highly qualified professors and teaching staff, foreign consultants, experts and specialists with practical experience in financial bodies;
- organization and holding of scientific conferences and seminars on the management of public finances and the treasury execution of the State Budget.


Realization of research development:
I. Applied research:
1. “Development of mechanisms for medium-term financial planning of the State Budget, based on the result, as an important factor in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the budget process, the Republic of Uzbekistan” (Code No. A-2-053).
2. “The influence of fiscal policy on the financial and economic condition of the enterprises of branches of real sector of economy” (Code No. A-2-054).
II. Innovative developments:
1. “Development and implementation of training and simulation software package “Financial Literacy”” (Code No. I-2014-1-32).
2. “Development and implementation of training and a simulation software complex “Automated system UzASBO budgetary organizations”” (Code No.I-04.08.2014).

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