Educational-Methodical Department

Educational and methodical department is a structural subdivision of the Training Centre for training and retraining of employees of financial bodies and financial and accounting subdivisions of budget organizations under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, through which carried out organization, management and control of the educational process.
In its activities the department is guided by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On education", normative documents Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary - Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Regulations of Training Centre, decisions of educational and methodological of the Board of the Centre, orders and instructions of the Director, regulating the planning and organization of the educational process, as well as the regulations of educational and methodical department.

The main functions and tasks:

- The organization of methodical maintenance educational process departments and subdivisions of the Training Centre;
- Organization of scientific and methodological support of implementation of educational programs for training, retraining and advanced training for the employees of system of the Ministry of Finance;
- The organization works to provide the educational process in the Training Centre of the necessary education-program documentation: state requirements and typical curriculum;
- The organization and coordination of work on development of educational program documentation (curriculum of the Centre for speciality);
- Carrying out expert examination of curriculum of the training centre on specialities (directions of specialities, specializations);
- Contribute to the better clarity of teaching, use of technical training in the educational process, the organization of independent work of listeners;
- Planning, organization and control of the educational process in accordance with the approved curriculum of specialities and other normative legal acts;
- Implementation of works on introduction in the educational process of new training program documentation;
- Participation in the development of local normative legal acts on the organization of the educational process;
- Organization and control of practical training;
- Accounting contingent of listeners and the organization of the control of their movement, official registration and provision of statistical reports;
- The organization and implementation of rating system of academic achievement listeners and rating the work quality of teachers, departments, and others;
- Control and account of implementation academic load of teachers (by staff, pluralists and working on an hourly basis).

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